For over 50 years, devices similar to the INSTANT FACE LIFT have been a secret weapon in film, television and theater. The industry took away the years but required the precision and skill of both a makeup artist and hairdresser. UNTIL NOW.
Sun exposure, gravity and genetics all play their role in the aging process. As our faces begin to mature one sees the lines around the mouth begin to drape and shadowed creases highlight the droop. The nasolabial folds (affectionately called smile lines) grow prominent. The jaw line loses elasticity and jowls appear. And unlike other body parts we may wish to conceal, the face can't be so easily hidden. With the INSTANT FACE LIFT, a youthful appearance doesn't require invasive procedures and expensive potions; the changes are subtle but powerful, sculpting but never startling. The lines are smoothed but not frozen. It's you, only better.

How to Video - 90 seconds

Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift comes in two (2) colors : Dark and Light.

How to use the Instant Face Lift

Step 1:

Determine the best location for application.

  Step 2:

Thoroughly clean the sides of the face with rubbing alcohol and let dry completely.

  Step 3:

Separate your hair so the elastic can follow the part. Clip the rest of the hair to get it out of your way.

  Step 4:

After removing the paper backing, place the adhesive tape against the skin.

Step 5:

Gently draw the two straps up across the back of your head.

  Step 6:

Slip the holes over the hooks on the device

  Step 7:

Remove the hair clip, and comb your hair back over the device.

  Step 8:

Now you're ready to go out and really live life.


The Art Harding Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift is a non-surgical solution to the aging process and was designed to allow for the lifestyles of every woman. It is an easy and safe method that instantly takes years off of a person's appearance by smoothing and lifting the skin and redefining the cheekbones.


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